Jan 31-Feb 6, 2016 Retreat in Costa Rica

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Twilight Yoga in Costa Rica with Sri Kapilnath and Dr. Robert Svoboda at The Sanctuary at Two Rivers in Costa Rica. Nice opportunity to explore this form of meditation with the assistance of specific instructions and Shakti transmission. Om Namah Shivaya.

More information at the website for The Sanctuary at Two Rivers. www.thesanctuarycostarica.com

Twilight Yoga

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November 27, 2015


From rising to rising of the Sun is called Savana reckoning. By
that are determined the Savana days and by these the regulation
of the time of sacrifices. Surya Siddhanta 14.18

Twilight Yoga uses the rising and setting of the Sun for daily timing purposes. The exact time of sunrise is determined when the Sun is half its diameter above the horizon to the East, and sunset when the Sun is half its diameter below the horizon to the West. These are the two most important junctures of the Savana or ritual day. This timing is based on our physical position on Earth relative to the Sun. In this conception of phenomena and time, the Sun is the soul of All, the Atman. The supreme Cosmic Spirit embodied as the solar orb. Twilight Yoga begins before sunrise and extends after that point into the day. Twilight Yoga begins before sunset and extends after that point into the night.

Having established the timing basis for Twilight Yoga, now the method. Seat yourself in the circle of Yogis in a comfortable seated posture. Beneath you is your physical mat or seat, also called asana. This can be made of any material, but some suggest that natural fibers more easily collect and retain the divine vibrations generated during the work. A Yogi’s personal asana which has collected the vibrations and energy of so many yogas and exalted moments is a great personal asset. Virasana or Padmasana are ideal postures. Feel free to shift position slightly every 20 minutes or so to allow proper blood flow. Relax. Please avoid excessive fidgeting and movement. If you are new to meditation and can’t get comfortable sitting on the ground, please consider sitting on a large cushion with your legs folded in front of you or sit in a chair. Serious yogis always have their personal seat with them for use at any formal sitting.

Now being comfortably seated, the next step is to begin withdrawal of the senses by closing the eyes. This is being done so that we may more efficiently drawn our awareness within. This is the interior focus where we are directing our awareness back to its apparent source. This is the left turning path of the Tantrikas. We are going back to the source of consciousness from whence we came.

In this method, concentration is used to bring our awareness deeply into our breathing process in an unbroken stream for the entire duration of the meditation. The in and out breathes are timed to equal duration by the use of mantra. The duration of each breath is the same duration as the mantra “Om Namah Shivaya” repeated two times for both the in and out breathes. This mantra recitation is done in complete silence and only intoned by the mind. Example: (In breath) Om Namah Shivaya, Om Namah Shivaya (Out breath) Om Namah Shivaya, Om Namah Shivaya. One will notice that it is necessary to keep the syllables moving at an active and even rate. In this version of this upaya or method, the mantra is inwardly repeated and coordinated with the breath in an unbroken stream for the entire duration of the meditation. Thus, the exposition of the method.

Concentration and clear intention are the key elements to successfully bring together our individual awareness, breath and mantra.

After the first hour of meditation I will be silently visiting a few participants during each meditation session and sharing my own meditation energy, (Shakti) with them. All of this will be explained and discussed at our first meeting on Sunday.

As a classical summation, this method or upaya of Twilight Yoga consists of: Asana, Pratyahara, Dharana, Pranayama, Mantra and Dhyana.

“Yoga is the transformation of the mind complex and its activity;
The helixform path of magick leading to higher spiritual levels;
To vanquish the conditioning and habits inflamed by civilization,
Restoring our original nature and magick charisma of divinity
By union of the individual spirit with the supreme Atman”
Shri Gurudev Mahendranath

KKK Matrix

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September 23, 2015

Shri Mahendranath presented the Nath path as based on a conscious thinking power which permeates the infinite universe or Cosmos. While all people and everything is integrated by this divine essence, we are separated from the fullness of its bliss and Shakti due to our personal limitations in the form of Karmas, Kleshas and Konditioning.

A non dual view of the Cosmos is embraced and trumpeted by many people and has been for a long time, yet the KKK matrix holds most in bondage and few are they who get away. The Naths propose a limited number of modalities as practice suitable for Awakening. These modalities however must be embraced with sufficient intensity and devotion to catalyze the personal transformations which when mature, spontaneously unveils the Cosmos as a divine Unity. This Awakening is then known and experienced as the obvious and natural condition of the Natha and the Cosmos.

Shri Mahendranath’s system pivots on the KKK matrix as the definition of the impediments causing our bondage. Are we currently perfected? Are we working towards Freedom and Awakening or busy with something more important? A personal review of where we stand in regards to the KKK matrix will give us indication of our general status and perhaps even suggest the next step. Peace, Freedom and Happiness to All.

Guru Purnima 2015

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Below are a few pictures from Guru Purnima 2015 in Costa Rica.

Guru Purnima 2015. Shri Gurudev Mahendranath Reliquary and Samadhi in Costa Rica.

Guru Purnima 2015. Shri Gurudev Mahendranath Reliquary and Samadhi in Costa Rica.

Guru Purnima 2015 Costa Rica

Guru Purnima 2015 CR

Thoughts on Guru Purnima

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August 3, 2015
A few thoughts on Guru Purnima and the translation of ideas between the East and West. Any day or time is a good moment to worship the Divine. With this in mind, let’s take a fresh look at Guru Purnima from the perspective of those who invented the occasion. Guru Purnima is defined as occurring during the 15th Tithi (Purnima) of the waxing Moon in the lunar month of Sravana with the Moon in the Nakshatra of Sravana. The Sanskrit word “Tithi” is calculated using the longitude of the Moon and Sun. For those interested, please look carefully into the terms, lunar month, Tithi and Nakshatra. The main point I am bringing to light here is that indication and timings for the full Moon as found at NASA or local media is based on the moment in which the Moon is 180 degrees from the Sun relative to Earth. This is the definition of Full Moon. However, the planets are in motion and when the Moon is 180.x degrees from the Sun, the Moon is now waning and no longer called Purnima. The peak has been reached and Guru Purnima has passed. Relative to the Eastern concept of the occasion, the Western date and time of the Full Moon marks the closing moment of the Eastern Guru Purnima.

I personally don’t use the Hindu Festival Calendar much but many are nostalgic about the yearly moments of Guru Purnima, Shiva Ratri and Nava Ratri etc. The Devil is sometimes in the details and plenty is often lost in translation when some concepts are not understood and perhaps simplified due to cultural differences and inattention to details. I thought I would point this out since many sincere people in the West are devotedly observing Guru Purnima after it has already past and concluded. The same confusion abounds for Shiva Ratri. Shiva Ratri is on the 14th Tithi of the waning Moon. When the New Moon occurs it is all over, etc.

How Synergetikos played out in real life…

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June 30, 2015
The following is a perspective of how the Synergetikos, written in the mid 1980′s played out in real life …

Today we have two gems in the rough from 1989. The first pic was published by some young people in the UK and called the “Weirdglow” newsletter. It appears to report the formation of the Adinatha Community and some list of those holding valid Adinatha initiation. Some of you may find this surprising. Four years earlier Shri Mahendranath had clarified in “From the Dark into Light” that both the Adi Natha and Uttara Kaula initiations could only be passed on to those already initiated as a sadhu or sannyasin. Shri Mahendranath had written in 1985, “I remain today as the Guru of both these sects, and I remain the only and last member and Guru of both these sects”. It must have been a considerable irony for Shri Mahendranath to read that somehow, though only on paper, he had been deposed as Guru while still living. Of course, this was all quite impossible, but the intention is clear as you can read for yourselves.

The second picture is the closing of a letter from Shri Mahendranath to Sri Kapilnath also written in 1989. Here he poses a question which has never been answered in 25 years. “If UK Naths have not received this ordination as sadhus, what initiation have they received?” While silent on this question raised by Shri Mahendranath, the UK Naths have troubled themselves to invent a sad story of Mahendranath’s dementia during his last years. This is not a true story, but a story intended to change the subject. I believe astute readers with a reliable timeline will find their strange canard of dementia best determined: Please return to Sender … Guru Om!
garland of initiation
mahendranath letter

Nath Tantrika Retreat March 2015

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February 23, 2015
On March 22 through the 28th I’m leading a retreat at The Sanctuary here in Costa Rica. The event is called Nath Tantrika: Divine Consciousness in Local Space and being presented as a Tantra. All features of this Tantra will be discussed and put into practice on successive days. This is an opportunity to become better acquainted with a simple paradigm and put these key concepts into action through participation in ritual activity and higher yoga.
The four limbs of the Tantra are defined as:
0. The Zonule or Kaula Chakra
1. The Divine Shakti
2. The Mystic Folklore of Shiva/Shakti (The Story)
3. The Bindu (The point where the three Shaktis of Will, Knowledge and Action converge. Iccha, Jnana and Kriya Shakti)
There is still space open for a few individuals. If Mantra and Tantra are of interest to you, then consider signing up and dropping in to explore further.

Pagala Baba of Ranchi

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pagala baba of ranchi
January 11, 2015
After 30 years of poking around I finally found that picture of Pagala Baba. Some small tidbits, such as his actual name may be forthcoming, but the translation from Gujarati will take some time. It is of historical interest that Theos Casimir Bernard, who first brought a number of Tibetan Buddhist scriptures to the West, also studied with Pagala Baba. In his writings, Mr. Bernard referred to Pagala Baba as the unnamed adept and his teacher of Hatha Yoga and Tantra. Mr. Bernard was murdered in 1947 and little on his story of “Indian Tantra” ever emerged. I don’t know why Pagala Baba was made anonymous by Mr. Bernard, but I assume that this was Pagala Baba’s demand. Gurudev related that Pagala Baba wasn’t much into being disturbed by the curious, so I’d guess he didn’t want to be distracted by the attention.


Of Rites and Rituals: The Crafting of a Nath’s Trishula

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Om Gam Ganapati Namaha!

I give obeisance to the Cosmic Spirit and the Nath Kula Kaula, to the 4 Directions and the 3 Worlds… and to Earth Mother, who gives us form and substance to work out our Karmas in this life. I humbly and heartily thank All beings and elementals who have aided in the creation of this object. Guru Om.

The inspiration for this creative work came 3 winters ago, when I felt that the time had arrived to fashion an appropriate magickal tool to aid sadhana. In the east, the Trishula has many forms and represents the Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna Nadi within the human body and it is also the adamantine weapon of Shiva. It is both an operative and symbolic object that is synonymous with the Wizard, or Yogi, Himself. During frequent forays in the home smashana, I began to catch glimpses of its shape in flashes across the stilled surface of my mind’s eye. Sketching commenced, and within a few days a working drawing appeared. As the form was refined on paper, I set about gathering the necessary materials to carve a wax model.

This was to be a masterful work combining form and function that would likely outlast the earthly vessel of its creator, so naturally the timeline would only be revealed as the work progressed, evolving of its own accord. When inspiration struck, I carved, and amidst the small chaos of worldly life, several household moves and some structural design changes, it took shape. The completed Trishul continued to visit during puja, a magickal companion thinly veiled in the aether, waiting to be fully born.

Intimations of Kula ancestors have frequently come to me at the Dhuni and reach back into the mists of time upon the continuum of spirit. Echoes of voices; chanting, their shadows appearing and disappearing in the flickering firelight, speak to me of the spartan lifestyle of those primal sadhakas. Longing for progressive realization and contemplation, haunting burning grounds and other desolate places to carry out their initiatic rites and experiments, occasionally fending off wild dogs, carrion eaters and devils yet more strange, inspired me to build such a tool as to stand up the ages as well as the rigors of martial ardor that may be required of it one day.

After some time, the remaining materials and final construction became discernible as the wax head piece slowly emerged from the lapis colored block. Once the wax pieces were completed, everything else fell into place in typical Nath fashion, with omens pointing the way and synchronicity at every turn.

Such synchronism coalesced around the particulars of the process. I needed a place to cast the metal parts, that had the right tools and know how available, as well as being sympathetic to its purpose. I was pleased soon after, when I bumped into an old colleague whom I will refer to henceforth as the Earth Mage. After catching up on mutual interests, I told him of the project. Upon hearing the purpose of the piece, he generously offered up his workshop and expertise at such time may be auspicious to cast the piece in Ancient Bronze. For the shaft, a fine grained South American hardwood was chosen from a local craftsman who advised me of its properties and worked it into proper shape, having just enough time before being swamped with other projects. With these pieces of the puzzle affixed, I contacted Khadga Devi, a dear friend and Nathess skilled in the art and science of Jyotish, from whom I obtained an appropriate Muhurta to bring forth the crowning realization of this endeavor. In response, two dates were given; the first, for the casting of the metal parts and the second, for the inaugural ritual. At which time, all main components must be affixed.

The Astrological alignments had been designated and so, with renewed focus and a prayer of thanksgiving, I worked into the wee hours for three consecutive nights in the catacombs of Earth Mage’s shop. The spirit of transformation presided over the processes of our work, and obstacles were disintegrated almost as quickly as they arose. On the third night, after appropriate preparations and purifications, I tossed 3 pinches of Ash, the refined essence of more than a dozen Dhuni rituals, into a crucible of bronze casting grain, and transmuted it to liquid in the dragon mouth of super heated flame. Intentions crystallized and mantras were offered as we poured molten metal into the investment flask that, one day before, had solidified around the wax models of the Trishul’s head and tail pieces.

After cooling, the newly born triumvirate and its counterweight were freed of their embryonic casings for clean up and final heat treat, giving the pieces a two-tone finish. Bright, high polish on the bevels and a dull, hammered patina on the center eye. This eye, also symbolic of the Primordial Plenum of Cosmic Yoni, disgorges Shakti as seen in the raised, oblong ingot sliding further down the ferrule – alighting upon the opened crowns of the sadhaks after
performing evocations and excitations on the helical orbit. The main modes of magick used in the Nath Kula are that of Projection of Will/Intent and the subsequent Absorption of Divine Grace in the form of the subtle energy called Shakti. The Keys for success in such an enterprise are Concentration and Attunement with a nod to Intensity and Frequency of practice.

After securing the head piece and end cap to the staff with pins of the same Bronze, I began the leatherwork portion. Spiral wrapping the center shaft, first with black leather and then Brass wire, I drew the color of the metal between tip and tail. Completing the detail of the Central Nadi are Turk’s Head Knots fashioned with red leather thong; three passes below and two above.

The Inaugural Rite with the newly constructed Trishul was a grand success, and it proves to be every ounce effective in its purpose. To complete its installment in the Zonule, I tapped two other craftsmen to make a leather cowl for the head piece and a steel base stand, nearly completing my vision of the project.

As I wend my way in to the mountain valley, her sentinels of Cedar, Fir and Hemlock speaking quietly to one another, I hear the Shaman’s rattle and smell incense as I approach Umbra Caelestis Dhuni…. The brush of a Tengu’s* wing welcomes me back into the Sacred Circle and I plant the Trishula fimly in the Earth at her rim, next to the Dragon Seat – where the Alchemagick of Becoming begins again with a deep prostration, a focused Will, and a spark.

Om Shri Nivritti Marga Paramahamsaji Namaha

*note: Tengu (as they are known in Japan) are powerful but reclusive and occasionally benefic spirits that protect and reside in the forested mountains. Described as winged and beaked, or ruddy and long-nosed, these magicians represent formerly human spirits in transition to higher, more subtle realms of being – closely akin to the Garuda of South Asia.


Mahendranath at 100 in Costa Rica

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Affectionately known as Dadaji, Shri Gurudev Mahendranath was born on April 29th, 1911. Today’s date marks the 100th year of his birth. This birthday finds Dadaji relaxing in Costa Rica at the Alchemical Lounge.
Shri Gurudev Mahendranath in Costa Rica Born in London, Shri Mahendranath was a cosmopolitan and interdimensional traveller all of his life. While his physical body is no longer with us, the Samadhi and reliquary shown here continue to emanate the blessings and Wyrdglow vibrations for which he is so beloved.

Happy Birthday Shri Mahendranath!
One wonders where he may pop up in 2061 …

Guru Om,

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