From a letter to Kapilnath of 16 August 1985

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Letter to Shri Kapilnath of 16 August 1985 No, I have never given Uttara Kaula diksha initiation to anyone, not have or ever will give sadhu diksha in the Adi-Nath sect. In 1978 I passed on the succession as a wide collective tradition to Lokanath Mahanath who since ’78 has been the first and present head of the Western Nath Order. I, as a retired Guru, will help individuals as much as I can, but I have no power or wish to initiate into the Western Nath Order as that duty has fallen to initiated disciples. Lokanath & Lalita are the only Westerners I have given initiation and passed on the tradition. So initiation by Shri Lalita Devi is quite valid. It is the Nath tradition I want to see expand. Tantrika is outdated in practice both in India and the West. Only the teachings and traditions are valid now.

I had hoped Krishnanath would take initiation from Shri Lokanath. Vilasanath has never been to India and has had no initiation from me. About 1978 he wanted to start a tantrik order as he claimed many contacts. I gave him a charter to start and expand the “Oriental Tantrik Order” and gave him the name Vilasanath. Since ’78 I suspect nothing has got under way and I have thought of the O.T.O. as defunct. I think Krishnanath is his first initiation. After I gave him the charter part of the condition was that he took initiation from Shri Lokanath to set matters in order, but he has never done so.

Letter of 16 August 1985, page 2 Joe and Jillian in New York have both received the initiation succession from Shri Lokanath and we hoped they would pass it on in America. I understood long ago that Pandunath (Denny) had been initiated into the Western Nath Order by Joe in New York. Shyamanath wrote to me a week ago after many years of silence.

Please ask Krishnanath to write frankly about what happened at the Guru Fest and what was the discord? Lokanath is one of the most wonderful persons in the world, but the organising of the fest may have caused some tension, and Vilasanath’s action in by-passing him was in very very bad taste.

Shri Lokanath has not only worked very hard to build up the Naths but has had to do so very much alone. Mostly with his work and sincerity I have been able to enjoy my retirement. Of course, alive or dead, most Nathas may wish to regard me as their grey haired Guru, but I ask all Nathas to respect and work with Lokanath Mahanatha. I want to see harmony.

I’d write more, but now I note in your letter that you will not be back till Sept. 13. So I will send this letter to Krishnanath to keep for your return, and much of what I have written will also be of interest to him. I am most happy to hear of your plans for expansion. It pays to advertise.

So you see that I remain as a Guru, but I won’t initiate any sadhus or sannyasins now. It may surprise Western people to know that in India one does not give any initiation to lay people. Often a person is a disciple for months befire the Guru knows about it. Initiation is only given to one who becomes a sadhu. Initiation probably was a Theosophical Society idea, and now Indian Gurus have adopted it in relation to Western disciples. I think it’s good, a sort of conformation which is needed in the West. Ramesh Dinesh Banuprashad and a host of others dating from 10–15 or more years have never received any formal initiation.

Having some trouble with sore eyes and have to wear sun clip-ons or be in a darkened room. Otherwise health is in good nick. Enclosed photo for Krishnanath. Send another one for the Lord of Skulls later.

Love and Bless to All,

Dadaji xxx

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