From the Dark into Light

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From the Dark into Light typescript Because of several misunderstandings about initiation, I am writing these few lines of explanation for the guidance of all the fellowship in our fantastic and delightful occult world.

I have myself received many initiations in Asia, but they were given and received as a sadhu, bhikkhu and sannyasin. My greatest personal interests among these initiations have been the Adi Nath sect and the Uttara Kaula sect. I remain today as the Guru of both these sects, and I remain the only and last member and Guru of both these sects.

I can only initiate in one or both these sects, one who becomes a sannyasin or sadhu. This involves the obligation that the initiate will not marry, not engage in business or gainful employment, and will not own a home or property. I have resolved not to pass on the initiation or make new sadhus because of the difficulties experienced in India, and it is a way of life impossible in Western and most other countries in the world.

To meet this situation, and to give occult spiritual pursuits greater expression in Western lands, I have put into motion the formation of the Western Nath Order. To give this order initiation validity and continuity from those sects and traditions of the past, I have given Guru Initiation to only two Western people.

I gave this Guru Initiation to Michael M. with the cryptonym of Shri Lokanath Mahanath, and appointed him as head of the new Western Nath Order, thereby handing him the seeds to spread and scatter in the Western world. The only other Western person I gave the Guru Initiation to pass on is the Canadian Lady known as Shri Lalita Devi. Only these two people have received the transmission from me.

Many Indian sects have terminated in recent years, so the end of the Sadhu sects of Adi Nath and Uttara Kaula will be no unusual event, and it is also my wish that they terminate at my death.

The Guru tradition and initation which I have passed on includes not only wisdom teachings from Hindu, Tibetan and Soto Zen sources, but also the gems of Taoism and the Celtic ancients, and such wisdoms which are rediscovered by the science and yoga of meditation and contemplation.

We look to a new awareness and a pattern of thinking, so we must reject the sterile formalities of Asia as well as their superstitions and male/female discrimination. We are building our way of life on solid foundations with sound and solid brick, and reject the rubble and dust. There is no fixed pattern or design for our new structure. It will grow and develop as the Western Naths devise and follow the advice and guidance of an earlier master: “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.”

Initiation and the transmission is important, and those who receive it from Shri Lokanath Mahanath or Lalita Devi can pass this on to others and avoid the bogus and commercial trips which pollute the occult world.

A Western Nath or Nathess is not bound by the rules of Asian sadhus, and can marry, work for gainful employment, and live the normal way of Western patterns, but we are entering a new Aeon, and will need new people to populate it. Shri Lokanath Mahanatha has since 1978 done such praiseworthy work as head of the Western Naths, and by his untiring efforts the Naths are spreading rapidly and many valuable publications have come into being. Most important is the number of Naths who have experienced a new awakening and realisation and a cosmic vibration hereto unknown.

Love and blessing to you all,

Shri Gurudev (Dadaji) Mahendranath, Shambhala Tapowan, India, 21.8.85

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