From a letter to Kapilnath of 18 April 1987

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Letter to Shri Kapilnath of 18 April 1987 The Bombay trip revealed a new and important aspect. There are now so many Indians who lean to Western style and culture and are now “foreigners” in India because they now are British, American citizens, etc. This has lead me to think that the Western Nath Order should be renamed as International Nath Order. This will not include those orthodox Indian Hindus in India but only Indians who wish to adapt to the Western ways of life. I will write to Mike about this.

I am to meet an optician on Thursday (I wish it were Garudanath). I might need stronger lenses. My present lense prescription is about 15 years old. But the tiredness I experience is probably due to age and not due to spectacles.

Monday 20th

I have delayed this letter till today. Monday is usually our big mail day but nothing in the post for me. Mike still silent also, but he may be busy waiting to see the baby enter the world. All quiet and very hot here.

My apologies to the constellatus for the love and much trouble they have had and that I can’t make it. I think you are all a wonderful crowd of people and I feel proud that I belong to you. Although the moment seems lost now something better will take its place. After all, it’s your attainment which matters and what I wish for all of you. I think we can make something better even if I don’t move an inch from Mehmadabad.

I would suggest the real need of the moment is a “news letter” as I discussed with you and Hermeticus before. A small group could do this under the leadership of an editor. Start small and grow big. A subscription should be fixed to cover post, paper and expansion. Joe (NY) has a collection of extracts from my earlier letters to Mike which can be used as fillers. Most important is the bits and pieces of Naths detailing their own experiments and experience, and news of new Zonules.

I have discontinued my experiments on the brain cell. True results were astounding. I made the Bombay trip due to this. But I now have to realise that health and strength will prolong my life and this is not what I want now. The peak period has been reached, so I close now wishing all my refined and furbished love and candy cards to you all.

For ever and then some,

Dadaji xxx

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