Letter to Kapilnath & Zonule of 25 July 1989

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Letter to Kapilnath & Zonule of 25 July 1989 Dearest Kapilnath & Zonule,

I have posted to you Michael’s last letter to me. Of course, there will [be] no reply now and ever… The MSS will, I hope, explain everything to you. I shrank from making his insane trip … about the Adi-Nath sadhu sect public, but now it has exploded again and Shyama the dark skinned lord now claims to have been initiated into the Adi-Nath Sampradaya by Michael. I have sent him a gentle AG, but the mess that Michael’s inflated ego has made goes on and on and I am now too tired of it. Michael M. dropped out nearly 3 years ago. He is not a Natha or AMOOKOS and I have declared him “EXCOMMUNICATIO.”

I am asking you to type the MSS—sorry the writ is so bad—but I want Joe & Ohio to get copies. At least I want America cleaned up from these perversions. U.K. does not matter so much to me. I will continue to write to Dr. Sandy and there [are] a few people I would like to send the MSS to. In fact, it should have the widest publicity and it will get round in time. So can you send me some copies? I can send them “printed matter” so the postage will be less.

I think also the Initiation Rite can be made more public and available. The only addition, it can state ([omitted]) that this is the original Nath Order Initiation which was given to Lalita Mataji and [expletive deleted] Mr. Mike M. I have given no other initiations ever. And you can sign this footnote Signed Gurudev Mahendranath. If not too late, it can be put in the Scrolls.

Frankly, Michael’s repeated and reoccuring perversions have disturbed me much. I will be sending you a document making you the I.M. of ION, MAGIKOS, and also include AMOOKOS as there may be decisions to be made when I am gone. But I will not include AMOOKOS unless I have your permission.

In a recent letter, Joe abused Hermeticus for re-taking initiation, but I now understand why he did so. Write if there are any points you wish to raise. It does not worry me in the least if west USA & Vancouver are the only Nath areas. I think you may now realise that Michael HATES you, Lalita, and Seattle. And when I write, I say the nice things about you which makes Michael boil over.

Hope typing & copy of MSS is no trouble to you. I would like some photo of you to send to people and let them know who is the new leader, as I want to retire completely as soon as possible.

Prem & Ashirvads to you all,

Gurudev xxx

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